Who Cares?

Or more specifically, who cares what I have to say?

I’ve had this blog up for months, more because I knew how to set one up on the Linux system I have in my basement than because I thought I had anything to say that  anyone would want to read.

But having the blog available means that occasionally I run across some topic on which I have an opinion and think to myself, “That’s a great blog article!” But then I think, “Do I really want to put that out there for the world to see? Who cares, really?”

I recently helped a friend setup a blog with his hosting provider. He wanted to start writing about Marketing stuff. After several weeks, he has yet to post his first article. What is stopping him? Not enough time? Not enough ideas? Both? Something else? Or has he asked himself: “Who cares what I have to say?”

It sounds pitiful, really. I mean, I know there are people in my life who care about what I have to say or what is going on in my life. But really, I don’t think of myself as someone whom everyone needs to hear from on any regular basis.

Sure, I suppose I could come up with stuff to write about if I dedicated my blog to some specific interest of mine. I’m not like that though.

Again, who cares?

One Comment

  1. anonymous says:

    we care what you have to say 🙂